Iksir: A Highly Effective Youth Talent Development Program

Abdi Ibrahim operates in 10 countries outside of Turkey, exporting to 50 countries, ranging from European Union countries to Canada, from North Africa to Asia. With approximately 4,000 qualified employees, the company creates the highest employment rate in the Turkish pharmaceutical sector.

Young Talent Development Program: İksir

İksir, implemented by Abdi İbrahim for the past 4 years, is a specialized development program for newly graduates employed by the company.

This Project in Numbers

Total number of candidates processed in the entire process
Total number of candidates tested
Participation in the assessment center
Candidates invited to the program

Project Goals

Ensure that students and recent graduates are aware of the program and can easily apply.
Selection & Evaluation
Calibrate selection criteria to connect with the right candidates aligned with the company's talent management objectives.
 Interview Schedule
Facilitate candidates in setting a suitable schedule for mutual interview organization.
Candidate Experience
Standardize the candidate experience to reduce labor-intensive tasks in the recruitment team despite increasing application volumes.


Applications for open positions are collected in the candidate pool and listed on PeopleBox with CV details. Even though applications come from different sources, they are deduplicated when imported into the PeopleBox system, preventing redundancy.Candidate information related to the role is provided through the 'Your Job is Here' microsite.

Selection & Evaluation Tests

All candidates participating in the process receive a personality inventory via the Assessment systems integration through the system, and the results are automatically transferred into PeopleBox.Candidates who complete the face-to-face interview and General Ability Test stages qualify for training.During the training process, forms, document lists, and training programs are shared with candidates through PeopleBox.Performing all documentation tasks with a single program enhances the quality of work for the HR team.

Interview Schedule

Offline tests, success in accompanying counseling sessions, customer interviews, appointment scheduling, sales skill role-play, details of the training process, and all training stages are recorded within the candidate's personalized process flow. The recruitment specialist can see the entire process summarized through the calendar tool on PeopleBox. The assessment of a high number of candidates is carried out in a planned and organized manner, digitally.

Candidate Experience

Throughout the process, candidates are informed at each stage as quickly as possible. Candidates who are eliminated during the process are communicated with to ensure a healthy relationship with the brand.Candidates evaluated based on objective criteria at each stage of the assessment also have the opportunity to evaluate and rate the training process and the assisting person as feedback on their experience.Managing all these detailed processes that occur every month within the company's high turnover recruitment flow with PeopleBox standardizes the ideal experience for each candidate.


At the beginning of the process, applications were received simultaneously from LinkedIn, Kariyer.net, Toptalent.co, and the company's career website.Despite collecting applications from various channels, candidates were successfully deduplicated through PeopleBox database and invited to the selection process.

Selection & Evaluation Tests

Personality inventory, English, and general aptitude test applications were facilitated through API-level integrations. Data exchange with these third parties and career portals was achieved through digital automation. In the selection and evaluation steps, the recruitment team simply sipped their coffees.Thanks to these integrations, all results were seamlessly collected on the system with GDPR-compliant data flow, without the need for human intervention."

Interview Schedule

The interview schedule was designed to be flexible, allowing candidates from both within and outside of Istanbul to choose a day that suits them.Since candidates were able to schedule their appointments themselves, the candidate loss due to incompatible schedules was minimized.

Candidate Experience

Following the designated timeline in the process design, offers were extended, and candidates who accepted them participated in the company's onboarding processes. Candidates who were eliminated during the process received assessment surveys, and thank-you communications were sent.In the face of increasing applications, the assessment survey results showed that the candidate experience in the İksir recruitment process is elevated to a higher level each year.

What Our Clients Say

"Ensuring that our new graduate candidates maintain their excitement throughout the İksir process was the most critical point for me.Sending informative notifications at every stage of the process, being able to quickly evaluate exam results thanks to integrations, significantly accelerated our process and enabled our candidates to maintain their commitment throughout the process."

Burcu Tenim, HR Specialist

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