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Iksir: A Highly Effective Youth Talent Development Program

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"Ensuring that our new graduate candidates maintain their excitement throughout the İksir process was the most critical point for me."

Burcu Tenim
HR Specialist

Siemens: Managing the Young Talent Internship Program with PeopleBox

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"A global giant operating in high-tech areas such as renewable energy, automation, and automotive, Siemens provides employment to a total of 3,000 people, including 1,600 white-collar employees, within the scope of its operations in Turkey. Siemens A.Ş. offers internship opportunities every summer. Students who intern at Siemens have the chance to put their academic knowledge into practice and get to know the company and its culture.

Selen Koparal
HR Specialist

What Our Clients Say

"Thanks to PeopleBox, which we use to run all our operations, we can track dozens of projects on a single screen, quickly convert resumes into our own format, and easily share them with our customers. Thanks PeopleBox team for speeding up our work."
Gökhan Aracagök
Mento İK
"We manage all our recruitment processes at Mento HR through PeopleBox. The cloud-based PeopleBox has allowed us to manage tasks that we previously handled with multiple applications and programs from a single platform."
Mete Kukner
"The successful integration of our online test system, Podium, PeopleBox has allowed us to smoothly manage large-scale recruitment projects we conduct on behalf of our clients."
Resul Tura
"As a seasoned professional who has tried various tools in the industry for years, I wholeheartedly recommend PeopleBox. PeopleBox enables us to efficiently manage communication between candidates and employers with a well-structured approach in recruitment operations, and it also helps us build a robust candidate database."
Cafer Telci

Viennalife: Sales Team Recruitment

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"PeopleBox has made the recruitment process for our sales teams more efficient. Thanks to PeopleBox, we can say that we have made significant improvements in candidate selection, informing candidates about the interview stages, and reporting. In this regard, we thank the PeopleBox team for their collaborative and proactive approaches"

Özgür Ceylan Kayserilioğlu
HR Specialist

What Our Clients Say

"We conduct the recruitment processes of our brands, including Starbucks and Victoria's Secret, on PeopleBox with a framework we have established in accordance with the principles of the GDPR. We have achieved significant gains in employer branding and process quality."
Tuğba Arısan
"Since we started using the Peoplebox system, our exam submission process has become much faster and easier. We believe that automating our recruitment process has made a significant contribution to today's digital transformation."
Dilay Kolaylı
"Thanks to the sector-specific career portal and assessment process we have developed in collaboration with PeopleBox to meet the internship needs of member companies of the Pharmaceutical Employers Association, we are able to provide quality service to our members for internship roles in different positions."
Ferda Fındık Yakar
"We are very grateful to Peoplebox and their supportive team for the speed, measurement, and awareness they have brought to us. Technology is becoming increasingly important in our industry, and together we are gradually realizing our dreams."
Tunç Erman

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