Better Recruitment Experience Through Structured Process

PB-Suite is the ultimate recruitment process management and reporting tool.

Full control. Period.

Design Your Own Hiring Scenario*

With our powerful Scenario Builder, you have the freedom to craft your unique hiring process effortlessly. Simply drag and drop nodes on a canvas to design a tailored journey for your candidates. Customize forms and communication automations to fit your specific needs. Take control of your hiring process like never before and make recruiting top talent a breeze.

Focus On Talents

Seamless Communication With Candidates

Recruitment needs continuous communication with candidates. With PB-suite, you can effortlessly send thousands of invitations, reminders, and thank-you notes. Choose from a diverse range of templates that can be easily customized to align with your unique brand voice and preferences
Key Features
Streamlined candidate communication
Extensive collection of templates for messages, invitations, and thank-you notes
Efficient handling of high-volume communications
Option to personalize and tailor content according to your specific requirements
Various channels with modern integrations
Use WhatsApp, e-mail or SMS

Step Into The Shoes Of Job Seekers And Experience PB-Suite Through The Eyes Of Candidates

We created a special demonstration where you can experience PB-Suite as an applicant.
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Unmatched Team Efficiency

Empower Your Hiring Managers

Efficiency redefined.
Seize control.
Stay informed.
​Elevate your recruitment strategy.

Ultimate Collaborative Recruitment

Explore PB-Suite From A Candidate's Point Of View

We created a special demonstration where you can experience PB-Suite as an applicant.

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Make Informed Decisions About Your Future Hires With PB-Suite's Advanced Reporting Tools

Unlock the power of data-driven insights and stay ahead in your hiring game. With PB-Suite's state-of-the-art reporting tools, you can now make well-informed decisions for your future hires. Gain a deeper understanding of your hiring process, identify trends, and leverage valuable analytics to streamline your recruitment strategy.
Hiring State Snapshot
Insightful Analysis: A Comprehensive Hiring Snapshot Report Providing Invaluable Data for Optimal
Activity Report
Dynamic Progress: Unveiling an Activity Report That Illuminates the Path to Success.
Hiring Efficiency Report
Streamlined Excellence: Unleashing the Power of a Hiring Efficiency Report to Optimize Talent Acquisition.

See It In Action

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What Our Clients Say

"For the past 4 years, with PeopleBox, we have been effortlessly managing the process of identifying candidates who meet our criteria, sending online tests, inviting candidates to interviews based on their success rankings, and sending positive/negative responses to candidates. The streamlined process has enabled us to save labor, time, and costs.”

Selen Koparal, Siemens

Learn More About How PeopleBox Automates The Rest Of The Hiring Process

Integration with popular job boards
Career site
CV Parser
Cloud based candidate pool
Powerful sourcing reports
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Invite your hiring managers
Integrated to popular assessment tools
Powerful calendar management
Team collaboration through tasks and activities
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Offer management
Easy document collection
Welcome page
New hire surveys
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